What are the differences in laws and penalties for drug possession and drug trafficking?

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Question: I work for an import-export business that imports home furnishing and decorator items from the Far East and sells them at a couple of retail outlets here in the US. The police came to our offices the other day and arrested by boss. I found out it was for drug trafficking. I know my boss pretty well and I don’t think he uses drugs at all. So what is drug trafficking and how much trouble is he– and the company– in? Response: Drug trafficking is a criminal offense that involves the sale, distribution, manufacturing and smuggling of drugs or controlled substances. It does not necessarily include possession of controlled substances. So it may well be that your boss can be involved in trafficking even though he does not use drugs himself. His import-export business unfortunately is a common cover for trafficking in illegal goods, including drugs. I expect that your boss did a lot of traveling overseas in connection with his business, right? Trips to acquire the home furnishings ... more
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