What are the differences in programming between TI-89 BASIC, 68k Assembly, and C using TI-GCC?

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A4.2: TI-89 BASIC is written on the TI-89 and is similar to BASIC for DOS. It is easy to learn and fast to program and will never crash your calculator. It can be written right on your calculator and can utilize the built in functions and routines of the TI-89. One problem, however, is that it is much slower than 68k Assembly and C using TI-GCC. I consider TI-89 BASIC to be the best language for writing math programs on the TI-89. It can also be good for text-based games or games with simple graphics, but games with complicated graphics or games that require a lot of processor power shouldn't be written in it. 68k Assembly, on the other hand, is written in machine code and compiled on one's computer and then sent to the calculator through a TI-Graph Link. It can be used on the TI-89, the TI-92, or the TI-92+, as these calculators all contain 68k Motorola processors. It is hard to learn from scratch, in large part due to the lack of documentation on the Internet, but if you already ... more
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