What are the different methods of applying paint? Which is the best?

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A. The answer to this question depends of several factors. I will explain them in detail. Painting by hand – This method is good, old fashioned painting. This involves brushes and rollers. Painting by hand is ideal in situations with precise detail work and situations where overspray is unacceptable. A perfect example is an interior repaint. You cannot spray an interior in the presence of people, furniture, and flooring. The potential mess from overspray is too significant. FYI – Many people, and even some paint contractors, believe that painting by hand builds a thicker film. This is false. Painting with brushes and rollers actually produces the thinnest coat of paint per coat. Spraying the paint – This method involves using spray machines. This doesn’t mean the Wagner sprayers available at Home Depot. We use commercial spray machines that have more power which produces better paint atomization and higher gallons per minute. Spraying paint produces a thicker and smoother finish than ... more
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