What are the different "types" of remote viewing?

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Different terms for some scientifically studied Remote Viewing approaches "Ganzfeld" The Ganzfeld approach to remote viewing uses a mild form of sensory deprivation, in the hope that minimizing input from the world around the psychic or remote viewer will maximize their ability to sense subtle input from their subconscious/psi. Usually the psychic is reclining or lying down. Halved ping-pong balls are placed over the eyes, and the room has a dim red light. White noise is usually played through a speaker. Ganzfeld RV data often seems a bit more 'dreamy' than data obtained via other methods. This may be due to the rather hypnagogic nature of the methodology. "Outbounder" or "Beacon" The Outbounder approach to remote viewing uses a second person as a 'beacon' for the psychic or remote viewer. The viewer sits in a room in a building with no windows, and the outbounder individual leaves the building, gets in a car and drives around randomly for a specified period of time. Then the ... more
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