What are the disadvantages of batch processing?

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I know about both, but I'm not exactly sure what your asking. Batch processing doesn't really have any disadvantages, any disadvantage would be from the programing/scripting language that you use to make the batch process. For example, you are far more limited using a dos type batch file then bash, and even still far more then if the batch process was written in perl or php... and then you have C/C++. I guess it could be considered a disadvantage that you have less control using a batch process since the same thing is happening over and over with limited alternation. but once you get into more advanced languages a batch can use more complex algorithms to handle some things different then others. As far as poor documentation goes, it is pretty self explanatory to a certain degree, but that doesn't leave much room for different standards in documentation. Then you have personal preferences... I see good documentation as being to the point, yet limited so that it doesn't effect the way ... more
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