What are the distances for an average triathlon?

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Olympic or international distance is the standard for most collegiate triathlons. This is a 0.9 mile (1.5k) swim, a 25 mile (40k) bike, and a 6.2 mile (10k) run. Many olympic races offer a sprint distance, which is roughly half the olympic distance. First time triathletes should start off with a sprint distance race and build up from there. • Q: Isn't Triathlon an individual sport? A: Triathletes do have to rely on their own endurance and will power on race day, but there are many advantages to being a part of a team. There's a lot more to triathlons besides swimming, biking and running, and training with experienced triathletes is a great way to learn about proper hydration and nutrition, transition techniques, open-water swimming and more. Also, Triathlon is not a NCAA sport, so being a Tri-Buck is an opportunity to represent Ohio State at the highest level of collegiate triathlon competition. Most importantly, training with a team is a lot more fun. • Q: I don't have a bike, can I ... more
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