What Are the Executor Duties in Illinois?

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1 Answer

Legal Law Justice image by Stacey Alexander from Fotolia.com jQuery(document).ready(function(){ jQuery('#jsArticleStep1 span.image a:first').attr('href','http://i.ehow.co.uk/images/a06/58/qm/executor-duties-illinois_-1.1-800X800.jpg'); }); Executors represent estates in probate courts in Illinois. An executor is an individual who is appointed to oversee the administration of an estate (i.e., the property of a deceased individual) during the probate process. Executors are appointed to their posts by stipulations made in the will. The responsibility of this individual varies depending upon the state in which probate is being held. Within the state of Illinois, an executor performs a variety of duties. Ethical Responsibilities It is imperative that the executor of an estate in the state of Illinois performs his duties in strict accordance with the stipulations of the will. Additionally, these duties must be performed in an impartial manner. Any activities performed by the executor must ... more
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