What are the FalconView system requirements?

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1 Answer

The tested mininmum requirements are available in the "Version Description Document" on each copy of PFPS. Generally FalconView runs acceptably on any "modern" PC. It should have 512MB of Ram, and a display card with at least 16bit color and 1024/768 screen resolution. We test FalconView on Windows XP and Windows Vista (FV version 4.1 and later). FalconView runs better given more memory and faster processors. Map Data can require significant hard drive space depending on how much you plan to keep locally (faster) and how much yu use off a network. FalconView 4.1 is reported to run on 64 bit versions of XP and Vista but it is not officially supported. If you want to install it, you will need to first install a named instance of SQL Server express 64bit with the name "JMPS_SQL_SERVER" then you need to install PFPS by running the "setup.exe from the PFPS subdirectory (not by running the "Launch.exe application). Again this is not an officially supported environment but we have not heard ... more
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