What are the five (5) Dimensions of Health?

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The five Dimensions of Health include: Spiritual Health [e.g., values, beliefs, rituals, intuition, religion, creativity, philosophy of life, love, compassion, artistic abilities]; Social Health [e.g., men's role, child rearing practices, type of government, structure of society, educational system, funeral practices, grief and loss activities]; Psychological Health [e.g., thoughts, feelings, judgment, ability to think rationally, taking responsibility for one's actions, substance abuse & addictive behaviors, domestic violence]; Physical Health [e.g., major (chronic) diseases, communicable/contagious infections, exercise/fitness, nutrition, body fat composition]; and Environmental Health [e.g., food choices, geography, rainfall, quality of the food supply, quality of air, land, water, and population]. Chapter 1 in Hales 13th ed. also discusses the dimensions of health. In order to study and understand health promotion, health risk reduction, self empowerment and chronic diseases it ... more
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