What are the function of suspension system?

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Functions of the parts of the system, or purpose of the system in general? The purpose in general is to give your car stability, steering control and improve comfort. The suspension allows the wheels to move up and down independently from the rest of the car. That will keep the wheels on the road when you hit bumps and won't jolt you like riding in a go-kart. The functions of the parts - On the front end you generally have a coil spring and mcpherson strut while on the back is a flat spring and shock absorber. At both the front and back is a sway-bar. On the front you usually have a control arm or wishbone that attaches the wheel to the frame. These parts give that part of the system the ability to withstand the forces of braking and (if front wheel drive) acceleration. At the rear, the flat spring provides that ability. The springs are tuned to position your car at a set height above the ground. When you hit a bump, the springs compress and release as the wheel bounces up while the ... more
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