What Are the Functions of the Major Organs in the Muscular System?

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1 Answer

Whether you're lifting weights, dashing upstairs or sitting stock-still, your muscular system is at work, performing chores assisted by a host of organs as different from each other as the liver, heart, lungs, gonads and brain.LiverHelping provide your muscles with the energy needed for contraction, the liver can break down stored energy and release it as glucose into the bloodstream, according to Gerard J. Tortora's book, ""Principles of Human Anatomy."HeartWithout your heart pumping nutritious, oxygen-rich blood to your muscles, rigor mortis would begin with a few hours, as noted in the book "Physiology: : the Mechanisms of Body Function."LungsBy exposing red blood cells to inhaled air, the lungs supply the blood with the oxygen needed to convert glucose into a molecular form of energy your muscle fibers can use, according to the book "Biology" by Neil A. Campbell, Jane B. Reece and Lawrence G. Mitchell.GonadsProduced in both testes and ovaries, testosterone promotes protein ...
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