What Are the Health Benefits of Coconut Flakes?

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1 Answer

Coconut History Coconut meat, flaked or squeezed to make milk and oil, has been the primary diet for healthy tropical islanders, who believed it possessed antibacterial and other healthy properties. When scientists found saturated fats to be a cause of heart diseases in the 20th century, they put coconuts, high in saturated fatty acids, on the same "avoid" list as animal fats. Coconut Present New studies show coconut fats--medium-chain triglycerides (MCT)--are absorbed directly by the liver, not stored in fat cells. This means they produce energy much faster, raising the body's metabolism. A 2003 study showed MTCs in coconut flakes and oil helped burn more calories, contributing to weight loss. Dietary fiber from coconut flakes has been shown to curb cholesterol and a 2005 study indicated coconut water from squeezing coconut meat was significant in reducing hypertension. "Two components, lauric acid and monolaurin, found in coconut oil appear to have antibacterial and antiviral ... more
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