What Are the Heaviest Dog Breeds?

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The Behemoths of the Dog World So, you want a really big dog. Well, there are plenty of them, most of them in the mastiff family. Remember, before you buy one, they’re eating machines; they need lots of exercise; and they don’t live as long as smaller dogs, but it’s still a long-time commitment. Also, they all need extensive training and exercise, even the gentle giants. The Mastiffs Bernese Mountain Dog—His thick, double coat makes him very adaptable to cold weather. Originally, he pulled carts for farmers. Under all that fur is muscle. Weight: up to 110 pounds Height: up to 27 inches Life Span: 6 to 8 years Personality: Calm, gentle, good with children Grooming: Brush regularly Bullmastiff—He’s all muscle, but he’s agile too. Bred to guard estates from poachers, he remains a good guard dog for the family. He slobbers and snores, but he’s lovable. Weight: up to 130 Height: up to 27 inches Life Span: up to 10 years Personality: gentle giant, good with children Grooming: Doesn’t need ... more
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