What are the latest trends in the field of nutrition and dietetics?

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Trends come and go. What's encouraging to me is that I think consumers are starting to see that a trend is just a trend, and more of them are looking for the big picture and the prevailing truth, and turn back to real food made from real ingredients. There's growing interest in natural foods, organic foods, local foods and farmers markets. People are going back to home cooking. Whole Food Market's success has led to main-stream supermarkets devoting isles to natural and organic foods and better produce. What does your daily diet consist of? Do you practice what you preach? I eat a mostly plant based diet. I eat a lot of vegetables and fruit (and I do mean a lot!), whole grains, nuts, some dairy and eggs, and a little junk.I cook almost all meals from scratch. I cook daily, and we always eat meals together as a family. I don't buy diet foods or highly processed foods. On the other hand I do have butter, heavy cream and full fat cheeses in my fridge which I use sparingly. Most of my ... more
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