What are the Legal Requirements for a valid will in Pennsylvania?

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1 Answer

In Pennsylvania you must be at least 18 years of age and of sound mind to make a will. Your will must be in writing and signed at the end by the testator. If the testator is unable to sign his or her will, someone else may sign the will for the testator so long as this is done in the testator's presence and at his or her direction. In Pennsylvania it is not necessary for the signing of your will to be witnessed by anyone; however it is customary to have at least two people witness the signing of your will. Pennsylvania does accept self-proved wills. Such a will includes a separate page which is notarized and signed by the testator and witnesses. The purpose is to ensure that upon the death of the testator, the will be accepted as signed and the witnesses to the will will not need to be found. more
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