What are the legal requirements when a death occurs?

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A. There are a few things which must happen legally at the time of death. • If the death was unattended, local law enforcement agencies must be contacted. • A time and determination of death must be pronounced by a Coroner, Justice of the Peace or attending Physician. • When a death occurs out of state or even out of the country, it is suggested that a funeral director in the area be contacted. This person should be aware of the requirements that must be met if a body is to be shipped to another location. • One should also be aware of the legal ramifications and limitations regarding solicitation by a funeral director at or near the time of death. (Solicitation means any direct or indirect contact with the family, next of kin, or one who has custody of a person who is deceased or near death for the purpose of securing rights to provide funeral services or merchandise for the deceased or person near death. more
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