What are the major differences between digital Library, electronic library, virtual library and hybrid library?

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A digital library is organized and structured collection of digital objects in a distributed environment. A digital library assists its users in searching, evaluating and utilizing resources irrespective of their format. Digital libraries combine collection, services and expertise in a seamless interface. The term electronic library is used interchangeably with digital library. IEEE / IEE Electronic Library (IEL) Online, for example is a digital library, but the term electronic library is used in it because IEL came into existence in late 1980s, when the term digital library was not in vogue. Virtual Library : Virtual libraries are essentially web sites that provide links to web-based e-resources. Unlike digital libraries, virtual libraries do not consist of full text articles and multimedia objects, instead they are more like an index of relevant, hand-picked links to external web-based resources. Hybrid Library : A hybrid library are essentially the existing libraries that have ...
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