What are the Missouri state curfew laws for minors (under 18)?

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1 Answer

I live in Missouri and am a criminal justice major doing my senior research on a curfew ordinance. First of all the state does not set the curfew, the city does so in the form of a city ordinance. Many curfew ordinances in Missouri apply to 17 year olds. So if you are 17 years old and get a citation for a curfew violation, you will get the ticket and not your parents. You will most likely go to municipal or circuit court rather than juvenile or family court. Missouri is kinda screwy on their age of majority. You actually don't reach the age of majority until your reach 18, however at age 17, if you commit a crime you are no longer under the jurisdiction of the juvenile court. Seventeen is as foggy age here in the show-me-state. All you have to do is call your local police department and they will tell you exactly what the curfew time is and the penalties. So to specifically answer your question...at 17 you are not considered to have reached the age of majority, but you are ... more
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