What are the names of the horses John Wayne rode?

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Answer Hello Jimm, John Wayne was no great lover of horses, although he did become quite an accomplised horseman over the years. Stuntman Neil Summers, who appeared in several Wayne westerns, is quoted as saying, "Wayne, the man, had room in his tall frame for some contradictions. He may be the most popular cowboy movie star of all time, but he was not overly fond of horses. The way he looked at horses was the way he looked at other actors - 'You better do what I want you to do right now!' Horses were props that he admired for what they could give him." They were always big horses and throughout his film career he used several different regular mounts, including "Duke", "Starlight", "Banner", "Steel", "Alamo", "Dollar", "Beau" and "Cochise". I am not aware of Wayne ever having personally owned any of them. In the 1930's he rode a beautiful white horse called Duke. This horse would perform tricks in his many "B" westerns and, in several of them, received top billing alongside Wayne.... ... more
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