What are the options to go from Aspen to an Airport?

Linda Watkins

the options to go from Aspen to an Airport

Luke Geranoff

First, you need to decide which airport you are going to. Usually, it is cheapest to book round way tickets to Aspen, which means you’ll leave from the same airport you arrived. But if you shop around for deals, you might be able to get a better overall price by arriving at one airport and then leaving from another.

The main way to access all airports around Aspen is by road, using either the bus system, a shuttle service, or by driving yourself around the Rocky Mountains. There are five airports within reasonable driving distance of Aspen, and the best way to reach the ones outside Aspen is via a shuttle service.

The Aspen/Pitkin County Airport, also known as Sardy Field, is the closest airport to Aspen, located just three miles away from the city. It’s a small airport, with only one runway, and while it does connect to many major cities around the world, it’s often cheaper to go from Sardy Field to another airport, and then fly home from there. This means that if you can book a shuttle service to a nearby airport instead, you can save yourself lots of money.

The other four options are, from closest to farthest, Eagle County Regional Airport, Grand Junction Regional Airport, Colorado Springs Airport, and Denver International Airport. The Denver Airport is 180 miles away from Aspen; the drive usually takes around 4 hours. Going there by bus takes approximately 6 to 7 hours. That is if you make the journey in favorable weather, and don’t run into heavy traffic. Both of those become serious problems during peak skiing season.

As mentioned, your options are to drive yourself to those airports, hop into a bus, or hire a professional shuttle service, like Blue Sky Limo Aspen. The latter is by far the most comfortable and convenient, and one of the safest, as shuttle drivers are experienced and have cars that are equipped to handle the snowy road.