What are the other health benefits of KB Gluta plus NAC supplementation?

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1 Answer

This supplement inhibits free radical damage. It has been researched for its ability to convert harmful foreign compounds like pesticides, solvents and air pollutants into less harmful substances that can be flushed from the body. On the cellular level, glutathione may facilitate the transport of important nutrients across cell membranes while supporting the integrity of red blood cells. It may significantly enhance quality of life and prevent liver and kidney damage in patients who are receiving chemotherapy. It may also support health during radiation therapy. Glutathione may improve liver function in recovering alcoholics. Its deficiency has been associated with cataracts and supplementation has shown promising results. Its deficiency has also been associated with Parkinson's disease. Glutathione can support immune function and is used in the treatment of AIDS. This supplement may treat respiratory infections in children. more
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