What are the Penalties for the Possession of Marijuana in Michigan?

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1 Answer

If you are arrested for possession of marijuana in Michigan, and do not have a debilitating medical condition, the penalties you face will depend on your intent in possessing the marijuana. Marijuana penalties in the state of Michigan can include incarceration and fines. Under Michigan law, possession of even the smallest amount of marijuana can result in substantial jail time. Individuals charged with growing marijuana, possessing large amounts, or intending to sell marijuana face even steeper penalties. It does not take being caught in the act of selling to be charged with attempted distribution of marijuana. Just possessing a large amount of marijuana and affiliated paraphernalia such as measuring equipment or baggies can be enough evidence to support a charge of attempted distribution. The Michigan Marijuana Penalties Table below highlights the different levels of penalties for acts related to the illegal possession, cultivation, and distribution of marijuana under Michigan law. ... more
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