What are the Potential Tsunami Inundation Zones?

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In most coastal areas of Los Angeles County, it’s only necessary to move several blocks inland from the beaches. This is because most of our beaches are upward-sloping, with significant elevation changes further inland from old sand dunes, and coastal cliffs and hills. Tsunamis can be amplified by bays, harbors, lagoons, or rivers and flood control channels, which can funnel the water and send it further inland. In places where the ground is flat (and especially where amplification can occur from bays, harbors, lagoons, and rivers), it’s necessary to move further inland to escape the potential tsunami inundation zone. Examples are Venice, Marina Del Rey, Play Del Rey, Redondo Beach Harbor, Los Angeles and Long Beach Harbors, and the flat areas of Long Beach south toward Seal Beach. In these places, people (especially those with trouble moving due to injuries, the elderly, etc) may be better off conducting “vertical evacuation” into upper floors of high rise buildings, apartment ... more
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