What are the proper specs for alignment on the Impala?

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1 Answer

Specifications: Chevrolet '93-'96 Caprice/Impala SS (G.M. Factory Specs.) Description Specification (deg) Tolerance (deg) Front Left Camber 0.00 0.80 Front Right Camber 0.00 0.80 Front Cross Camber N/A 1.00 Front Caster 3.50 1.00 Front Cross Caster N/A 1.00 Front Total Toe 0.00 0.20 Rear Camber 0.00 0.00 Rear Total Toe 0.00 0.00 Note that the factor tolerance is quite high for all of these figures. Here's some suggestions from an alignment specialist on improved, more precise alignment specs: Specifications: Chevrolet '93-'96 Caprice/Impala SS (Modified Specs.) Description Specification (deg) Tolerance (deg) Front Left Camber -0.25 0.25 Front Right Camber -0.25 0.25 Front Cross Camber N/A 0.25 Front Caster 4.00 0.50 Front Cross Caster N/A 0.50 Front Total Toe 0.00 0.06 Rear Camber 0.00 0.50 Rear Total Toe 0.00 0.12 Thrust Angle 0.00 0.25 Don't let your dealer con you into charging you extra for setting these specifications up. If he can't/won't do it, then go somewhere else. more
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