What are the requirements for grandfathering in obtaining LCSW certification?

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The purpose and intent of these proposed changes are not clear. There's no evidence that the current system is so flawed that it needs such a level of radical overhaul. It's still less than four (4) years old]. Many of the goals the Department outlined in the summary already exist. We believe the following questions need to be answered before there's any movement to make these proposed changes. • 1. What specifically is wrong with the current system? What types of problems are occurring that warrant such a costly upgrade and radical change? These need to be clearly identified and measured in terms of their magnitude and effect on the AOD community. • 2. Assuming there were major problems, what efforts have been made to correct them within the existing counselor certification regulatory design? Based on data available, there's been less than 200 cases of counselor malfeasance reported to the Department out of over 20,000 certified counselors, less that one-tenth of one percent. • 3. ... more
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