What are the responsibilities of a florist?

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A florist has numerous responsibilities, they do more than just flower arrangements and customer service. They are the heart of the flower store. A florist responsibilities will include:

  • Ordering all necessary items to run the florist shop to create arrangements and to have items that a customer may want to go with their arrangements.
  • Receiving flower and stock shipments.
  • Unloading and stocking inventory as necessary.
  • Maintaining all flowers and inventory, which includes pruning and watering plants.
  • Pricing the flowers and inventory. Changing pricing as necessary for sales and holidays.
  • Dealing with phone calls, emails and walk in customers. Making sure to take their orders are completed correctly and answering all their questions and concerns.
  • Helping customers decide on the flowers and arrangements to use for a gift or party. Having an eye for arrangements and a knowledge of flower types and the kind of flowers that are appropriate for different gatherings.
  • Understanding colors, shapes and sizes and how to arrange them to create the most appealing, eye catching designs.
  • Creating the flower arrangements to sell within the shop and the ones that customers order. These can include single arrangements or flowers that are needed for weddings, parties and other gatherings.
  • Understanding plants as well, such as ferns and leafy green plants that customers want arranged and created.
  • Maintaining all bookkeeping records and handling all money coming in. As well as making all bank deposits and possible withdrawals for the shop.

These are the main responsibilities of a florist. However, keep in mind that every flower shop is different and these duties may vary from shop to shop. These variations can be because of size and specialties within the florist shop.

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