What are the risks of vaccine-associated sarcomas and would rear leg injection avoid them?

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1 Answer

Current evidence indicates these are very rare side-effects following vaccination, and are probably less common in the UK than in the USA . There is some evidence that sarcomas may occasionally arise following the use of other injectable products as well, and some have now referred to this syndrome as ‘feline injection-site sarcomas' or FISS. There has been a recommendation made by certain veterinary groups in the USA for a number of years now, that different vaccine components be injected in different sites in cats. Specifically the recommendation has been to inject rabies vaccines in the right hind leg, leukaemia virus vaccines in the left hind leg, and remaining injectable vaccines in the usual site (the ‘scruff'). The reason for these recommendations was two-fold: Firstly, that if rabies and/or feline leukaemia virus vaccines were a more common cause of injection site sarcomas, leg amputation may offer a life-saving option for treatment. Secondly, these recommendations were ... more
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