What are the significant advantages and disadvantages of using Magento as web development and E-Commerce platform?

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What are the significant advantages and disadvantages of using Magento as web development and E-Commerce platform?

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Well there’s not a single disadvantage of using Magento as a web development and E-commerce platform but instead there’s numbers of advantages are there

1 Magento is offered in 3 various flavors: Community Edition (Open Source), Venture Version & Magento Go (Hosted Solution)

2 It is an innovative content management system. The WYSIWYG publisher facilitates store owners to construct material rich as well as a number of variations of a websites

3 Have the most effective as well as most sophisticated functions that a system of Ecommerce could supply

4 Granular gain access to control to designate a specific degree of authorization to customers

5 A wide variety of added components that could be installed as well as assists personalize an online store in an amazing way

6 Capability to include multiple repayment options on your establishment, in order to promote the simplicity of repayment for each as well as every visitor based on their recommended repayment entrance

7 It is likewise Mobile friendly as the apps allows establishment integration throughout multiple tools to work effectively on mobile phones, ipad, Note pad, and so on.

8 Advanced Search Engine Optimization features that can be made use of to make all the improvement, bringing natural web traffic, reducing the prices of electronic advertising

9 Well built and also strong in regards to security and also stability;.

10 To be a web server working on a separate air conditioner, the details of your online establishment, records of clients, products, orders and also purchases are entirely exclusive, with no 3rd party access.

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Magento is a very pretty good ecommerce builder, I believe, it is definitely for non-starters. The customization process will take a lot of heavy technical work. So, if your technical knowledge is close to zero, choose another easy-to-use website builder, maybe one of these – http://www.beautifullife.info/web-design/10-best-ecommerce-builders/  Hope this helps


The most significant advantage to Magento is it can be extended without modifying core code. Allowing you to upgrade relatively easily for feature additions and bug/security fixes (make sure you back everything up first!). I’ve seen many ecommerce sites that cannot be upgraded without losing significant functionality that makes them unique. There are thousands of extensions for Magento that meet most needs, many of which are open source (we released three extensions for Magento as open source). The biggest disadvantage is complexity. Changing one thing may take longer then anticipated. Another disadvantage is speed. Unless you’re hosting with a company that understands how to optimize for Magento, you will probably have a very slow site. I suggest using Nexcess for hosting, they do a great job on making sure sites are responsive at a reasonable price. We use Magento almost exclusively for any ecommerce projects we do. Once you’re over the curve, it’s much easier to deal with.