What Are the Signs & Symptoms of a C7 T1 Herniated Disk?

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1 Answer

A herniated disk is a spine condition where the soft tissue within the spine called the nucleus is pressed out of the vertebrae, where it may compress nerves and cause pain or other signs and symptoms. The signs and symptoms of a herniated disk depend on which disk is herniated due to the nerves located in that area. The C7 T1 is a cervical disk located at the base of the neck, and a hernia in this area may press against the C7 and C8 nerve roots, causing a variety of symptoms. Numbness If the nucleus from a herniated C7 T1 disk presses against the C8 nerve, it may result in numbness. This numbness is usually localized to one or both arms or hands and often manifests itself as numbness of the little finger on either hand. The numbness may increase or decrease depending on movement and treatment, and may shift from one part of the hand to another or from one arm to the other. Tingling Tingling in any part of the body is usually caused by pressure on one or more nerves. When a C7 T1 ... more
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