What are the similarities between the Constitution and the Articles of Confederation?

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1 Answer

While it soon became obvious that the government under the Articles of Confederation was not equiped to governed the new nation, there were, on paper at least, some similarities in powers granted to the government under the Articles and the Constitution. This is not to say that the government under the Articles was able to make use of all these powers, as there were too many weaknesses present in the Confederation form of government. The similarities included: Congress did have the legislative (lawmaking) power under both governments. Both could send and receive ambassadors. The governments were powered to negotiate treaties with other nations. To raise and equip an army and navy. Regulate Indian affairs. Establish a post office. Governing the territories. Setting up departments that would become the cabinet under the Constitution. Both gave "full faith and credit" to the legal acts of the other states and to treat citizens from all the states equally. more
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