What are the strengths and weaknesses of the CONFLICT THEORY?

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I think that the singular, and most important, strength of the conflict theory is that it focuses on the strife caused by the "wealthy" wielding power over the "unwealthy." I put those terms in quotes because, while Karl Marx, the founder of the conflict theory, focused on bourgeoisie and proletariats during his observations of workers and owners in the time of the industrial revolution, there are more sub-cultures to conflict theory than rich versus poor, as is evident nowadays. The only weakness I think the theory has is that everything is conflicting, and sometimes things just need to be a certain way; no one can explain why. For instance, poverty is sad and unfortunate. Conflict theory states that the haves unfairly use the poor for the dirty jobs and do not compensate them, thereby creating conflict between the rich "Brad Pitt" who has money, and thus power, and wields it over the poor gardener, who struggles against his employer to either be equal with or overthrow him and ... more
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