What are the symptoms of E coli poisoning?

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1 Answer

The interesting thing I learned about E coli is that there is a good form and a bad form. The good form lives naturally in our large intestines. In return for taking up residence there and being nourished by our bodies, it secretes the vitamins K and B-complex. The mutant form is the one that makes us sick, can be lethal, and secretes a toxin into our intestines. Our bodies can lose water and salts, and bleeding and hemorrhaging can occur. The hemorrhaging is particularly dangerous for small children. Stomach cramps and diarrhea are common symptoms. My advice is to eat heads of organic lettuce rather than the bagged stuff, though the chance of E-coli is quite low. (Just a note...as I understand it, in organic farming, any manure used on the crops/soil has to be composted for something like 90 days before the crop is picked versus conventional agriculture, which has no such requirement.) It's free to subscribe to my monthly newsletter. Sign up for Green Living Expert, Amy Todisco's, ...
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