What are the Symptoms of the Canine Health Issue?

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The symptoms of this usually appear in the Maltese breed before the age of 2 years old. A Maltese may have 1, some or all of these symptoms. The symptoms are: • Underweight and undersized - the dog will be much smaller than the breed standard size • Vomiting - toxins in the dog's body cause the dog to become nauseated • Depression - how do you know if your Maltese is depressed? The dog will not want to play, he or she will often retreat to be alone, etc. • Pacing - the dog will walk back and forth for no reason • Unsteadiness - the dog may easily lose balance • Aggression - a common symptom of dogs who are having health issues • Sight issues - if not treated, this can lead to a dog becoming blind. Early signs are when a dog stumbles, walks into a wall, etc. • Seizures - not always present, but can be a sign How is the Maltese Dog Diagnosed? Whenever your Maltese shows any strange symptoms, the vet should immediately perform a full checkup. How is a Liver Shunt diagnosed in a Maltese? ... more
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