What are the trends in electrical conductivity in group 7 elements?

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Trends: all Group VII metals have 7 valence electrons (7 electrons in the highest energy level) atomic radius increases down the Group as successive 'electron shells' (energy levels) are filled electronegativity (the relative tendency shown by a bonded atom to attract electrons to itself) decreases down the group as the elements become more metallic in nature. (Typically, metals have low electronegativity, little ability to attract electrons, while non-metals have high electronegativity, greater ability to attract electrons). The reactivity of Group VII elements is related to the element's ability to attract electrons, so the greater the electronegativity, the more reactive the Halogen. So, chemical reactivity of Group VII elements decreases down the Group, from the most reactive (Fluorine) to the least reactive (Iodine). down the Group, first ionization energy (the energy required to remove 1 electron from the gaseous atom) decreases. As the atomic radius increases and the electron ... more
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