What are the two (2) levels of meaning in interpersonal communication?

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1 Answer

first level is Content Meaning; the second level is Relationship Meaning. Question: According to Maslow's theory the most abstract human need is? P) A) Safety and protection B) Self esteem C) Self actualization D) Belonging needs E) Physical needs for survival Answer: C, Maslow defined self actualization as the fully using and developing our unique "talents, capacities, potentialities". To achieve this we need to refine potentials that we have already to some degree, while also cultivating new potentials in ourselves. Question: Perception involves three interrelated processes what are they? P A) Self serving, personnel constructs, self serving bias B) Selecting, organizing, interpreting C) Age, culture, social roles D) Cognitive abilities, attribution error, ladder of abstraction. Answer: B, Perception is an active process of creating meaning by selecting, organizing, and interpreting people, objects, events, situations and activities, perception is an active process. It is important ... more
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