What are the wages for consultants in Denmark?

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1 Answer

The basic salary for Danish doctors is regulated nationally according to a given pay-scheme. In addition to the basic salary, doctors are entitled to individual salary negotiations with their employer based on their individual merits and local demand. The employer also covers pension and holiday. In addition, a majority of the Danish specialists work extra hours or have additional duties (Association of Danish Specialist Doctors). The Association of Danish Consultants offer a very comprehensive website that outlines the exact pay scale and salary levels for Danish specialist doctors: www.fas.dk (general) www.dadlnet.dk/fas/open/index.htm (salary levels) Doctors recruited through Paragona are entitled to the same salary levels as their Danish colleagues. However, pending Danish authorization, in most cases the Paragona doctors will start on the level of so called "Afdelningslæge". Later, the Paragona doctors can be employed as "Overlæge". The basic salary per month: Afdelingslæge: 44. ...
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