What are tunisian men like?


What are tunisian men like?

Hamza Tebai

Hi, I am Tunisian scholar based in London for the sake of completing my MA studies.

Tunisian men are human beings! like any other man. However there are some misunderstanding that i should clarify before we move to answering your question;

1. Tunisian men are not Arabs! In fact we are 60% Berbers, and then by 800 A.D Arabs came and brought Islam, race and Language. 30% Arabs, and 10% Jewish, Ottoman (Turkish) and French people.

2. Being a Tunisian men does not mean at all that we are Muslims! yes, Islam in Tunisia is cultural more than practically practiced so don’t be surprised if Tunisian men drink alcohol and make other "Islamically illegal things"

Well, to answer your question i have again to divide Tunisian men into 2 main Layers, and these two layers will control all the categorization and lead to one fact (though exceptions may occur) 

1. The educated Tunisian men:

this is the first layer. This layer’s men are more truth oriented, shy, well socially educated men. Generally they tend to forge their lives, be at the level and expectations of others generally Europeans, since our education is European and our best model is so. This layer’s love stories with British girls are successful and fruitful ( i should point out that the Tunisian community in the UK is only 5,000 individuals, that will not fill quarter of Wembley stadium). Tunisian educated men are selective, do not throw themselves on girls and just proceed the same way as English men, know you, talk to you, ensure a life for you, etc… but they are so generous as I saw and heard from their wives. 


2. The Uneducated Tunisian men:

Love rats? maybe, these are the most in-contact with British girls layer’s. the have a remarkable lack of ethics, a rough way in dealing with the "modern" society but a a great instinctive frank behaviour that is adored by British and English women. They are quite vulgar and to the point. To keep them under your control you just have to create an immediate environment for them, a work, a shelter, food and of course your arms as all Tunisian men are like igniting fire when it come to affection, love and inner life. They will accept you no matter how pretty or ugly you are, cos they see in you their Visa!! their better life, and that’s due to the oppression and censorship they are having in Tunisia. 


I still have a lot to tell you but neither space nor my lack of concentration will allow me to do so. I hope that the answer will help you a little, but never take it for a postulate! There are uneducated Tunisian men, ( generally poor)  but so lovely and generous and so trustworthy.

If you are facing a choice in your life that’s easy, look up some English women married to Tunisian man, make sure their men are great, ask the man about the Tunisian guy and he will tell you all. We know each other as we know ourselves and that’s an advantage for you.


Best of luck 


The men are very nice but they do tend to get you into their shops & will try to push you to buy.They also all want to have us English for a bride,so be careful as they are at this.very handsome men.I met one out there & stayed in touch but just be very careful.They do take you for who you are not what you could be,they look at it as god made you this way so why change.No matter what your size,colour etc they will accept you.

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