What are two types of wireless printing technology?

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1 Answer

Radio wave and infra red. Radio wave is like the router for wireless networking where the devices use the same thing as a radio does for signals. Both devices (computer and printer) have a transmitter and receiver and talk to each other. Infra red you must have direct line of sight. This means both devices must be able to see each others IR port so the signal can be sent and received. This is essentially light based communication. Effective but limited in distance and requires no obstructions of the light. Again both devices have transmitter and receivers for proper communication. Some older laptops utilized this technology (IR) years ago as well as the portable printers for them. Now most use the radio wave as it goes through walls, floors, ceilings and has a greater range. The differences in the newer way is the freedom of placement of the printer in relation to other devices, the ability to have multiple devices send to it and they are using higher frequencies to reduce ... more
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