What are valid date formats?

formats valid

Following date formats are valid and recognized by the opcode TEST(D). • *ISO – Default date format. If we do not specify the date format in factor 1, The ‘numeric_or_character_date’ is checked for *ISO date format.** • *USA (MMDDYYYY) • *MDY(MMDDYY) • *DMY(DDMMYY) • *YMD(YYMMDD) • *CYMD(CYYMMDD) Above six formats validate a date with separator. i.e. the date fields must have a separator ‘/’ (As in 31/12/39) if the factor 2 is character type. • *ISO0 • *USA0 • *CYMD0 • *DMY0 • *YMD0 • *CYMD0 Apart from above mentioned most widely used date formats *LONGJUL, though not so commonly used, is also supported.