What are Weight Watchers rewards for weight loss?

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1 Answer

A..There are many Weight Watchers Locations with different rewards systems. To my knowledge, all WW locations reward the 10% keychain, a goal weight charm and a lifetime charm once you have achieved maintenance. Some locations give you a bookmark at 5 lbs lost and a gold star at 5 lb increments to place onto the bookmark. Other locations give out a ribbon with stars to affix to the ribbon. There are some locations that also give out activity rewards, but my location did not and I was jealous! back 2.7...What are some personal reward ideas? A..Rewards can be as big or as small as you want them to be. Some ideas include: manicure, pedicure, new clothing, make-up, magazines, cd/cassette/video, trip to the mall, afternoon without the kids, weekend getaway with loved ones, new book & time to read it in peace, exercise equipment, professional photos taken, personal enrichment class, etc.. Just don't have it be food! If you want food as a reward, then you are depriving yourself on this ... more
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