What are your hobbies? Give me some ideas, please

Geremy Nilson Posted

What do you like to do, guys? I like drawing

William Young

By the way, I can brag of my hobbies, I make various things from wood. The last of my major projects that I did for myself was laying wood elements in the bathroom, by the way, if this topic interests you and you also want to try it, pay attention to the article “How to Waterproof Wood for Bathroom” on woodimprove.com/how-to-waterproof-wood-for-bathroom so that there are no problems in a couple of years.

Shannon King

My hobbies are photography, watercolor painting, collage, watching documentaries/anime/horror, playing rpgs/horrors/romance video games, learning Japanese, writing poetry and hiking in nature. I think everyone would be more fulfilled following a ‘Renaissance man’ model.


I love reading, drawing, paining, weaving, making jewelry, playing board games and video games, watching movies, learning new things, playing piano and hammer dulcimer, singing, and writing.

Shayna Resnick

I like cooking music and food.

Kandarsad Kandarsad

I do hunting and photography. So I love to travel and this can be called my hobby. And also, in principle, I like collecting binoculars. My love – night vision binoculars and cameras. It’s so cool that you don’t even want to kill, just watch and watch. It is expensive but worth it.