What are your hobbies? Give me some ideas, please

Geremy Nilson Posted

What do you like to do, guys? I like drawing

June Manning

I like to craft something. I look for some interesting and nice crafts all the time. Christmas is coming and I decided to craft retro ornaments. I found a few examples on the internet, it looks really awesome. Besides, it will look well with my vintage Christmas glass ornaments. Almost forgot, visit this awesome online store https://www.etsy.com/shop/JoyfulChristmasbox

Alexia Hunt
  1. Singing: Learned Hindustani Classical music last year but I’ve been pursuing music for 12+ years now. So Singing for me is more of a passion than a Hobby.
  2. Photography: I’m obsessed with Photography. I just love keeping memories. I just love to capture things through my vision. And I like getting clicked as well!
  3. Writing: Mostly on Quora now. I used to write Songs, Poems, Articles, Short-stories and even freaking fiction novels a while back.

i like reading books and drawing sometimes even making some DIY


I like creating different accessories and other cool stuff. For example, I use the help of the service from https://www.pinsource.com/ to make different nice lapel pins. I think it is a really cool hobby which even brings me some nice money selling my pins online