What bodies of water surround Florida?

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1 Answer

Fotolia.com"> jQuery(document).ready(function(){ jQuery('#jsArticleStep1 span.image a:first').attr('href','http://i.ehow.co.uk/images/a05/sv/tr/bodies-water-surround-florida_-1.1-800X800.jpg'); }); Which bodies of water surround Florida? The state of Florida is located at the southernmost tip of the east coast of the United States. The east coast, southern tip, Florida Keys and the west coast of the state are bordered by three separate bodies of water. The least commonly known of the three bodies of water runs at the southernmost portion of the state between the Florida Keys and Cuba. The Atlantic Ocean Fotolia.com"> jQuery(document).ready(function(){ jQuery('#jsArticleStep1 span.image a:first').attr('href','http://i.ehow.co.uk/images/a05/sv/tr/bodies-water-surround-florida_-2.1-800X800.jpg'); }); The Atlantic Ocean borders Florida's east coast. The Atlantic Ocean lies to the east and slightly southeast of Florida. With its deepest point being -8,605 miles and its highest point being ... more
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