What Can Cause A Tingling Tongue?

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1 Answer

There are a number of possible causes of a tingling tongue, a burning tongue, or numbness in the tongue. This particular situation falls under the general heading of a situation known as paresthesia. Paresthesia is a burning or tingling sensation usually felt in the extremities, the hands, legs, or fingers. An example of paresthesia most of us are familiar with is waking up with a tingling in our fingers when we've been sleeping on our arm. Paresthesia usually occurs suddenly, and most often goes away nearly as quickly as it appeared. If not, or if the situation is chronic, for example if you experience a tingling tongue quite often or constantly, it is an abnormal condition. Something is wrong. Causes Of Tongue Paresthesia - Knowing your tingling tongue is called tongue paresthesia, doesn't help the tingling sensation go away. We have to look into what some of the more common causes of paresthesia are. Causes can include trauma, though trauma is more apt to bring on pain or numbness, ... more
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