What can happen if water gets in my car's gas tank?

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1 Answer

Water in the fuel tank is not something that occurs naturally. Perform a vehicle inspection to determine what caused the water to enter the fuel tank. A bad fuel pump seal, contaminated fuel or a rusty fuel tank could be to blame.SymptomsDepending on the amount of water that is in the fuel tank, your vehicle will miss, sputter, stall or refuse to start.EffectsWater in the fuel tank has only negative effects. It can cause the fuel tank to rust, ruin the electrical fuel pump, foul the fuel filter, clog the fuel lines or gum-up the fuel injectors.How to Check the FuelWater is heavier than fuel, so if there is water in the tank it will sink to the bottom. When inspecting the tank, the fuel will float on top of the water, thus sucking water into the lines instead of the fuel.Removing WaterFor small amounts of water, adding fuel additives, such as dry gas, is sufficient. Additives mix with the water allowing it to burn off. The tank will need to be drained if there are excessive amounts of ...
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