What can I use to reattach a piece broken off a concrete statue?

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1 Answer

In a sudden wind storm in Florida the top part of my garden fountain came crashing down on the concrete patio. We heard the noise and ran out to see what happened. There lay my beautiful girl dressed in peasant clothes standing by the well, in two pieces. We picked up the pieces and brought them inside. I told my husband that we have some super glue. He said no, it wouldn’t work on the concrete statue. So after the storm we went to Home Depot and looked around the adhesives department. He found the Gorilla Glue and it said it would mend about anything. So we bought it and used it to cement the two halves of my pretty girl. That was three years ago. Lots of rain and even a frost which iced over the fountain did not break apart my girl. So give it a try. Here is the description from Amazon.com for Gorilla Glue: Product Description Gorilla Glue..."The Toughest Glue on Planet Earth!". Incredibly strong and 100% waterproof. Bonds wood stone metal ceramic foam board concrete brick plastic ...
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