What car service should I use?

Oliver Harvey Posted

Need to book a car to pick up my parents from Newark airport this weekend. My mom doesn’t feel comfortable using Uber yet. What car service should I use? I used to use Carmel but I had a bad experience with them last time.


Hi, I only travel in a rental car. I do not understand another type of travel and do not see the point in it. You can’t get the most out of traveling by car or train. Yes, and renting a car is cheaper, but if you take a car, we recommend the service https://alin.ua/en/rent/kyiv . I like their quality and fleet.

June Manning

There are many car services but personally, I use uber most often. However, you can find the most popular ones and check reviews on PissedConsumer website. It may help you to make a choice. Also, ask friends for recommendations. By the way, it’s possible to leave a review on that website as well so take a note.