What causes a c-section scar to be a shelf?

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1 Answer

A scar shelf is when the skin sits over the c-section scar and takes on a small overhang. Because of the location and nature of scarring, there's very little you can do about this phenomenon short of a tummy tuck. Unfortunately, the best answer is introduce a diet low in fat and post c-section exercise ! Walking and swimming are also very effective on this area. The object is to tone your muscles. There are women who have been determined to get rid of this fatty shelf area and have done it. You just have to get the determination and stick with it. The 'Worry Free C-Section Guide' is a comprehensive ebook designed to help women fully prepare for having a c-section, quickly and painlessly recover from a C-Section and also help you understand what it means to Have a C-Section, the risks and how to know if its truly necessary. Click here to find out more.
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