What Causes a Gum Blister?

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A gum blister may have many causes. There are some conditions and disorders that either directly cause blisters and sores to form within the mouth, or include them among their list of side effects. Some common causes of blisters inside of the mouth are created by everyday events like chewing. Other gum blisters may a sign of a more serious disease. A gum blister or boil can be a condition that dentists refer to as a parulus. This type of blister usually forms on the gum just above a tooth with an infection. Infection and decay inside of the tooth cause the nerve within the tooth and gum to die. These dead nerves will then seep out of the infected tooth area. The dead nerve is considered to be a toxic substance by the body, and the typical action of the body is to remove it by allowing the material to seep out. The blisters that have formed on the gum are the draining point for this toxic material to drain. White blood cells, the body’s natural defense against toxins and infection will