What causes a red, burning face at night-time?

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1 Answer

(Male, 44) A: There are many different reasons for facial blushing or flushing. It is an extremely common problem. Many people find common causes are certain foodstuffs or particular drinks, while others find that anxious or embarrassing situations cause them to blush. In your situation, it is difficult to say what might be causing your flushing. If by 'night-time' you mean when you are out at night, it could be any of the above causes. In this case, most health professionals would recommend you try keeping a diary of situations or events that lead up to the flushing, including what you have eaten or drunk during the evening. If you mean after you have gone to bed, it may be worth adding in the possibility that it may be caused by a facial cream or other product you use prior to bed or it may even be triggered by emotions you experience during your dream and sleep cycles. I would recommend seeing your local doctor to discuss your flushing symptoms further, especially if the flushing ... more
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