What Causes a Toilet to Gurgle & Back Up?

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1 Answer

Clog Forming in the Line As the toilet is used, toilet tissue and waste matter may collect somewhere along the sewer drain pipe. Over time, this blockage, couple with grease, hair and other debris, may cause a slow drain that prevents the proper air flow through the line. When the plumbing line is unable to pull air from the outside, so that the water flows through the lines, the gurgling sound will occur. Vent Installation The gurgling problem may be caused by vents that are improperly installed. The vent is a pipe line that stems off of the main plumbing lines that extends through the roof or side of the building, to the outside. As the water flushes through the line, it is supposed to flow smoothly to the main sewage line. A properly installed vent will cause a vacuum-like suction on the water, pulling it through the drain pipes. The vents also allow sewer gases to escape to the outside. Vent Obstructions It may be necessary to check the vent, to make sure there are no ... more
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